Why Isn't Maradona on FIFA Mobile? Here's the reason

Why Isn't Maradona on FIFA Mobile?

FIFA Mobile features many legendary players in the game, but there is one player that has never been seen, Diego Maradona. So, why isn't Maradona on FIFA Mobile? This of course raises a lot of public assumptions.

As we know, Diego Maradona is one of the best legends in football. He has played in big clubs, such as Napoli to Barcelona.

Even though he died on November 25 2020 due to a heart attack, Maradona's legacy remains in the world of football.

So, to find out the reason why Maradona isn't on FIFA Mobile or FIFA on the console, find the answer in this article.

Why Isn't Maradona on FIFA Mobile?

The exact reason why Maradona isn't on FIFA Mobile is due to licensing issues. In the world of gaming licenses are needed. Not only players, but also clubs, jerseys, to logos.

The clearest example, before Juventus was officially signed by EA Sports, its name was changed to Piemonte Calcio. Apart from that, there is also Lazio = Latium and AS Roma = Roma FC.

Permissions and licenses are the most important factors if you want to use player names and characteristics. Unfortunately, before Maradona was sick and died, there was no agreement between Maradona and EA Sports.

In other words, until whenever Maradona's card will not appear in the game. However, it's a different story if the family or agent gives permission to use the character license for EA Sports.

This happened to Pele, who already had an official license. We can enjoy this Brazilian legend who recently passed away on FIFA Mobile.

Licensing issues are not trivial. Developers can be sued if they load player characters but have not received permission.

So, licensing issues are the reason why Maradona isn't in the FIFA Mobile game.

Legendary or Icon Players in FIFA Mobile

Outside the context of Maradona not being in the game, so far there have been many legendary players presented by EA Sports. Of course, the list of players will continue to grow considering that the FIFA Mobile game will continue to roll on.

Apart from Prime Icon Basic cards, there are also event-specific Icon cards. If you want to get a legend player or Prime Icon on FIFA Mobile, the best way is to buy it at the Market.

But you can also claim for free from ongoing events. For reference, here are some of the best Icon players in FIFA Mobile:

  • Van Der Sar
  • Zidane
  • Ronaldo
  • Ronaldinho
  • Pirlo
  • Cantona
  • Vidic
  • Maldini

As we explained earlier, you can buy Icon players on the Market. But sometimes some users are impatient so they buy players at high prices.

If you want to have an Icon player and save coins, here are tips for buying players at low prices:

  1. Wait until Supply is high 999+
  2. Claim directly from the event
  3. Buy Premium Starpass
  4. Open the pack at the Store

It's actually quite impossible to get legendary players at low prices. Apart from being rare, the cards are also good and have high ratings. But you can try your luck by opening packs using FP or gems.


Maradona is one of the most coveted legends to appear on FIFA Mobile. Apart from having high-level skills or abilities, his playing style is similar to Messi.

That's all for explaining why Maradona isn't on FIFA Mobile. In essence, before being able to use the names and characteristics of players, EA Sports had to apply for permission from the Maradona family.