How to fix Recent Apps button error or working automatically 2023

Errors on smartphones are usually due to being placed in a narrow pants pocket and overuse. The most common damage is on the touch screen that moves by itself and the recent apps button which is error.

To overcome this, it is strongly recommended to visit the service center so that further inspection is carried out for fear that the damage could get worse and spread everywhere.

But for you who don't want to be complicated and don't have more funds, there is a powerful way to overcome the error of the recent apps button that you must try.

How to resolve the errors in the recent apps button in this article I has tried before and works well on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

How to fix Recent Apps button error

For other smartphone brands it never hurts to try, because basically all brands of Android smartphones have an operating system that is not much different.

Problems that occur on smartphones are not just the recent apps button, but the back button, and the home button also sometimes error.

Before entering into how to overcome it, so that the recent apps, home, back buttons do not occur error, its use must be considered.

In addition to frequent usage, playing while charging can also make the smartphone's performance decrease so that it can cause navigation buttons to become error.

For those who don't know, the recent apps button is located on the right or left depending on the brand of the smartphone.

The function of the recent apps button itself is to make it easier for users to save and reopen applications that have been opened previously.

How to fix errors in recent apps buttons

How to fix the recent apps that have errors without root and other complicated things, all you need to do is download the Back Button - Assistive Touch application or similar application available on the Google Play Store.

This application is very light, its size is not up to 1 MB.

Actually there are many other similar applications, but the Back Button - Assistive Touch has good reviews that indicate it is perfect for overcoming recent apps buttons, or the back button that has errors with this application works well on all types of phones.

After the Back Button - Assistive Touch app is installed on your smartphone, open the application and then you will enter the accessibility settings menu to enable or activate the application on your smartphone.

Next will appear the Recent Apps, Back, and Home icon choices. Check the home and back icons if only the recent apps button is having an error, but if the home and back buttons are also error, you don't need to check it, just leave it.

In the orientation setting there are vertical and horizontal choices, meaning that the location of the icon on the screen, if you choose vertical, then the position of the icon is on the right, and the icon will appear at the bottom if you select horizontal.

At this point, actually resolving the recent apps error button is complete. You just have to leave the Back Button - Assistive Touch app and be able to return to use your smartphone comfortably.

Recent Apps working automatically

As previously mentioned, a solution to the recent apps error button has been tested and proven to be 100% successful without any issues.

However, if you encounter difficulties and the app fails to function, it is possible that there may be a system malfunction that can only be rectified at a service center.

That's the article on how to fix recent apps, back, home button working automatically. Hopefully it works well and can provide benefits to the readers.