MediaTek vs Snapdragon, which is better? Here's the comparison

Snapdragon and MediaTek are two of the best processors with stunning performance. Each offers many advantages. But unfortunately, there are still many people who are curious which is better, MediaTek or Snapdragon?

These two processors are the mainstay of almost all smartphone manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, and Realme. In fact, almost all low-end to flagship smartphones are equipped with MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.

However, that does not mean they can meet the needs of users. Because, to determine which is better, Snapdragon or MediaTek, we have to do a comparison of various things.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon

MediaTek vs Snapdragon

Currently, there are many best processor brands that are the mainstay of gadget manufacturers in developing their products. MediaTek and Snapdragon may be superior in terms of popularity compared to other brands.

If you are still confused about which one is the best, for consideration maybe the following comparison of MediaTek and Snapdragon can help.

1. Performance

GPU and CPU are two mandatory components present in the chipset. Based on user reviews, MediaTek's GPU performance is still far below Snapdragon. However, this makes the use of battery and RAM more efficient and durable.

Unlike the Snapdragon chipset, which is too powerful, it has an impact on power consumption and storage media.

2. Product Variations

The comparison between Snapdragon and MediaTek in terms of product variations is very clear. Snapdragon has a more complete type and presents the latest version regularly. Some of them are 600, 700, up to 845.

MediaTek is just stuck on the Helio version. But the types are also no less numerous, such as P25, G90T, to G85.

After knowing some of the differences between MediaTek and Snapdragon above, can you conclude that MediaTek or Snapdragon is better? If not, please read this article to the end!

MediaTek Advantages and Disadvantages

MediaTek is a technology company from Hsinchu City, Taiwan that produces low-cost chipsets for smartphones. Different from its competitors, MediaTek is more focused on developing quality chipsets, but at an affordable price.

a. Advantages

1. Cheaper Price

One of the advantages of MediaTek is that it is cheaper than Snapdragon. Even so, that does not mean the quality is bad. In fact, many cheap gaming phones now rely on MediaTek.

For example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, with the MediaTek Helio G90T that has proven to be tough to play heavy games for hours.

2. Stunning Graphics Performance

The next advantage of the MediaTek processor that can be considered before choosing MediaTek or Snapdragon is the graphics performance which is quite impressive. So the device can process images with better resolution.

3. Low RAM Usage

Although the graphics performance is quite high, fortunately MediaTek has embedded advanced technology to minimize RAM usage. So, you can play heavy games or apps without worrying about crashes or lags.

b. Disadvantages

1. Battery Too Wasteful

Unfortunately, MediaTek processors have a disadvantage which is quite disappointing, which causes the device battery to be more wasteful than Snapdragon.

This is a side effect of high graphics performance, so power consumption is affected.

2. Still Relying on Standard CPU Cores

The next drawback of MediaTek is that it uses a standard core type CPU which is quite old and affects the quality of the device, especially hardware.

However, this is a natural thing considering that MediaTek only focuses on mid-range chipsets.

In addition to the two points above, it turns out that not a few users have complained that phones with MediaTek processors often experience overheating when used for too long.

Snapdragon Advantages and Disadvantages

Snapdragon is a system-on-chip processor from Qualcomm, an American company that focuses on communication products and chipsets.

To find out which MediaTek or Snapdragon is better, you can listen to the following reviews.

a. Advantages

1. Better Processor Speed

The advantage of Snapdragon that MediaTek does not have is the speed of the chipset in processing incoming and outgoing data. So that users can maximize smartphone functions for daily needs and playing online games.

2. Much Better Graphics Quality

MediaTek does have an impressive graphics card, but for this sector Snapdragon is much better. Because the processors developed by Qualcomm are supported by the latest technology.

b. Disadvantages

1. The Price Is More Expensive

The disadvantages of Snapdragon is in the price sector. If you are looking for an Android phone with a Snapdragon processor, the selling price is definitely more expensive than a MediaTek powered cellphone.

2. Very Wasteful RAM Usage

Even though it is supported by quality technology, unfortunately the use of RAM for smartphones with Snapdragon chipsets is very wasteful.

So you have to choose a device that suits your needs so that its performance remains stable.

With some of the advantages and disadvantages above, hopefully the good question of which is MediaTek or Snapdragon has been answered.

Basically, Snapdragon and MediaTek have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, in determining which one is the best, it must be adjusted to the needs, so that the processor performance can be maximized.

For gaming use, Snapdragon is more recommended. Meanwhile, MediaTek is more suitable for those of you who like advanced features at a more affordable price. So, have you decided which is better MediaTek or Snapdragon?