20 Morrissey men's hairstyles that can make you cool in 2023

Morrissey men's hairstyles

Morrissey's Hair Style is the most popular hair style for millennial young people, but not infrequently the "aged" men also cut their hair in the Morrissey style to support their appearance.

We take the example of a public figure who is no longer young, such as David Beckham, who is still comfortable with Morrissey's hairstyle.

Basically Morrissey's hairstyle is thinning the sides and back by separating the top part. This hairstyle was inspired by the hairstyle of former vocalist The Smiths, Morrissey who became popular in 2015 and varied into a variety of models.

Hair style is something that is very important to increase self-confidence, not only for men but also for women. Here are the Morrissey hairstyles that you must try to make your appearance more cool!

Best Morrissey Men's Hairstyles

1. Side-Side Morrissey Hairstyles

The first Morrissey hairstyle was a side parting model, where the left and right sides were cut thin with the top part separated and given a pomade so that it could be combed neatly to the side.

This hairstyle is perfect for those of you who work in an office, but still want to look stylish.

2. Morrissey Hairstyle Combs Thin Back

For those of you who want to look "naughty", maybe you can try this haircut. If the previous Morrissey hairstyle was combed to the side, this one hair style was combed back with the left, right, and back thinly cut.

The artist who had tried this hairstyle was Brad Pitt when he starred in the war-themed film "Fury".

3. Morrissey Hairstyle Comb Back

Next is Morrissey's hairstyle that is combed back. Not much different from the previous one, this hairstyle is also cut left and right but not too thin.

Usually this hairstyle is suitable for college kids who want to look fashionable because it is very suitable to be combined with after a flannel shirt and zara pants to add a cool and cool impression.

4. Random Morrissey Hairstyles

This random Morrissey hairstyle is suitable for you who want to look disheveled but still cool. This haircut is arguably the original Morrissey hairstyle, where the left and right sides are only groomed slightly.

However, this haircut is only suitable for straight hair types and not too thick. The artist who has this hairstyle is Dilan (Indonesian movie), played by Iqbal Ramadhan.

5. Short Morrissey Hairstyles

Well for those of you who are still students and want to still look fashionable, it helps you try this short Morrissey style haircut.

Basically this hairstyle is similar to an army or crew cut with a thin left and right side, but what distinguishes it is the upper part is still left to be used pomade and combed to the side or back.

From year to year a man's haircut has more and more styles and styles, its name has become increasingly diverse, such as pompadour, mohawk, undercut, to quiff.

Before you choose a haircut style, it helps you find out what hair style suits your face shape and hair type.

Do not let you choose the wrong hair style that actually makes you look weird. Now that's the Morrissey man's hairstyle article that can make your look even cooler.

Article reference from runetki.xyz, a site I also manage but is no longer active.