How to Get Common Flax in Garena Undawn? Here's the Way

There is one material in the Garena Undawn game called Common Flaxseed which is quite difficult to find. This is one of the important materials for making equipment and also completing several missions.

Many players are confused about where Common Flax Undawn is located, what it looks like, and how to get it. This article will explain all of that.

Since its initial release, Garena Undawn has achieved popularity on Google Play and the App Store. Many Android and iOS users are curious about the gameplay of this open world zombie game.

The excitement of the gameplay in Garena Undawn, including finding Common Flaxseed materials to make equipment, and wood to build Homestead.

How to Get Common Flax in Garena Undawn

What is Common Flaxseed?

What is Common Flax Undawn? By definition and appearance, it is a plant-shaped material or resource with sparkling white flowers.

The function of Common Flaxseed is as a basic material for making Crude Leather and Yarn. This plant is also used as a condition for completing missions.

Common Flax is scattered in the forest area. However, we must be vigilant when looking for it. This is because the forest area is filled with hungry zombies and wild animals such as wolves and bears.

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When we managed to find Common Flaxseed, we had the opportunity to get Common Flax Fiber, which is also an important basic material.

So, where is Common Flax Undawn located? The location is in a forest area and the mark on the map is marked in green.

Each material in the game is distinguished by a different icon and color. For example, Common Flax: Green, Stone: Blue Square, Berry: Orange, Animal: Meat.

How to Get Common Flaxseed in Undawn

After reading the explanation above, I'm sure you already know what Common Flax Undawn is and its location. In the next step, I will tell you how to get this material easily.

Follow these steps:

  • First make sure you have brought a weapon
  • Next, enter the forest area
  • Then, check the map and see a green sign and go to that sign
  • Later you will see a plant with white flowers
  • Then press the "Collect" button to put Common Flax into the backpack

After following the steps above, you have succeeded in getting Common Flaxseed, and there is a possibility of getting Common Flax Fiber too.

If you need a lot of Common Flax, explore the forest a little longer. But, always be aware of the appearance of zombies and wild animals.

Don't get hurt or die, because if you die, all the items in the backpack will disappear.

Undawn is a new game released by Garena, a developer who also developed the popular battle royale game, Free Fire. The game concept, storyline and graphics are amazing to play.

Those are some things that you can understand about Common Flax in Garena Undawn. The location and how to get these materials are listed in the article above. So, happy hunting!